IDAA was first mooted in 1987 and known as the Intellectual Disability Elderly Accommodation Association (IDEA) with the purpose of re-housing elderly people from the Strathmont Centre to community housing.

Our name was changed in 1990 to the Intellectually Disabled Accommodation Association Inc. so that we could focus on providing for people with intellectual disability who may otherwise not have the opportunity for appropriate low-cost housing.

In 1998, Advance Housing Association Inc. was housing a similar tenant group when it decided to amalgamate with IDAA. This was a key contributor to our subsequent growth and our stock immediately grew by 50%.

The 1999-2000 financial year saw IDAA make a minor correction to its name becoming the Intellectual Disability Accommodation Association.

Since that time IDAA has increased its housing stock from 48 to 102 properties, ranging from 2 bedroom units through to 5 bedroom group homes in every metropolitan area of Adelaide except for the southern region and the CBD.